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Webcam Surveillance Monitor

Webcam Surveillance Monitor streams video from the webcam directly to your video surveillance
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8 December 2011

Editor's review

Surveillance is basically an act of monitoring the activities or behavior of people for certain particular purposes such as management, security etc. This activity has both positive and negative effects as it basically refers to observation done at certain places and times - with or without the knowledge of the person(s) being monitored. Webcam Surveillance Monitor 2.5 is one such software developed by Ath Tek which is a video based surveillance application designed to monitor the target at anywhere, anytime.

Webcam Surveillance Monitor 2.5, as mentioned above, is basically a video surveillance software which can monitor activities taking place at home, parking area, storehouse or any other place all throughout a day. The feature of timestamped image recording allows the user of this software to capture whatever activities are taking place and he is also provided with the option of controlling the surveillance remotely with the help of a dedicated server. For remote monitoring, the Client system will receive a video which will be sent to him by the Server Side. In addition, the software also boasts off having the ability to capture Snapshots of the surveillance footage. For taking the advantage of this excellent software users do not have to make much efforts - the installation process is fairly simple. The additional features involved in this software are - a pre-set Alarm. Audio recording etc. The volume can be controlled by a mere click on the mouse. And the best part is that all these features come with customizable settings. The Sensitivity Setting of this software also allow the user to capture the sensitive areas of the video and the Snapshot setting in the software allows user to save activated Snapshots and later on these can be viewed on the main area. The program is a available at a relatively far cheaper rate than any other rival program floating around in the market.

Webcam Surveillance Monitor 2.5 comes across as an easy to use, yet a highly practical and effective software and it receives a score of four and a half points on the scale of five owing to its overall versatility.

Publisher's description

Webcam Surveillance Monitor is an advanced video surveillance software. You can effortlessly monitor your home, office, cradle, parking area, storehouse, UFO or any other premises 24-hours a day. Timestamped image recording let users capture details of events precisely when they happen.
Client and Server are used for remote video surveillance. The streaming video with be sent from Server Side to Client Side. Activated Snapshots let you know the details of every motion event. Simply connect a USB or FireWire Camera to your computer, install Webcam Surveillance Monitor, then you will have an inexpensive and effective video surveillance system.
Webcam Surveillance Monitor provides Customizable Alarms like Audio Recording, Music Songs, and 3 kinds of default alarms. Also your can reset the Volume by mouse click or drag. The Sensitivity Setting helps you to configure the sensitive degree of your video surveillance system. And the Snapshot setting supports customizable path which is used for saving Activated Snapshots. You can also preview those snapshots in the Log area on the main board.
Webcam Surveillance Monitor lets you take advantage of the potential of PC based video surveillance.
Key Features:
* Sound Alarm
Warning with customizable sound alarms.
* Capturing Snapshots
Capturing every motion details when they happen.
* Remote Video Surveillance
Use IP camera to monitor the target far away from you.
* Home Surveillance
Home security webcam keeps an eye on uninvited guys.
* Timestamp
Timestamp records the precise time of events.
* Video sending and receiving
Client mode is used for receiving video signal from the Server mode.
* Simple to use
Neatly designed interface, easy to follow.
* Compatible with Win7
Abundant running experiences on Windows 2003, XP, Vista and Win7.
* Cheap but Effective
Build up video surveillance system with only webcam and PC.
Webcam Surveillance Monitor
Webcam Surveillance Monitor
Version 2.5
Free Download

User comments

Obviously, this is an useful tool for video surveillance at home. You don`t need to buy a video surveillance device to have your video surveillance system, that costs much. Use this video surveillance monitor, you can build up your video surveillance system with a video cam and your PC. The translation of this software is awful, but it doesn`t matter. It is very easy to use, never mind the broken english.
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